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Elevate your holidays with a delightful blend of festive flavors, indulgent skincare, and so much more!

Hey I am David Bowling.

My story: I did a lot of research looking for a product that was not only healthy but I could promote and become an ambassador for.

I began my journey at 385lbs in January 2023. As of September 2023 I am down 65lbs. I have gone down 8 pant sizes and down a shirt size.

I feel better all over, I sleep better, I have more energy, more clarity of mind, nearly eliminated all migraines, I have regularity in my digestion.

Product Systems

Hone in on your goals with the best product combinations for targeted results.

Weight Management

Take the guesswork out of weight management with products that help you rev up your metabolism, kick hunger to the curb, and love your results on and off the scale!*

Gut Health

Thrive with health using our simple product systems that help weed, seed, and feed your mighty gut microbiome.*


Fall in love with your skin again and defend your natural glow with age-defying skincare products and a beautifully simple skincare routine.

General Nutrition

Get the nutrients your body needs to feel and perform at your best.

Active Lifestyle

Feel powered up and ready for anything life throws your way with increased energy levels, optimal hydration, and improved mental clarity.

Family Nutrition

Get the Health and Happiness your family deserves with premium products designed to fill nutrition gaps and be loved by both kids and adults.*

1st month

The 1st month is not the time to expect much, maybe a little more energy, but it is more a time of allowing your body to get used to taking your products each day. Some people may notice a bigger difference (each body is different) but as you focus on your consistency, keep a positive mindset and trust the process, your body begins to heal.

2nd month

As you approach the 2nd month you may want to adjust your doses depending on what you’re noticing and feeling. You may be experiencing detox symptoms and your sponsor can help you as you work through removing toxins from your body (it’s something to be celebrated!)

3rd month

During your 3rd month you will most likely notice good things beginning to happen in your health. You may be sleeping more soundly and you may notice more energy, decreased bloating, better bowel movements, less sugar cravings, less afternoon crashes, you may also notice puffiness leaving your body.

Frequently asked questions

What is Plexus®?

Plexus is an industry-leading health and wellness company. Our mission is to ignite Hope, Health, and Happiness for those who want more out of it. We offer an array of premium products with nature-inspired ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. With an expansive network of independent Brand Ambassadors around the world, we also offer a unique opportunity and a modern business strategy for entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts. Most importantly, we are a brand that embodies guiding principles of trustworthiness, integrity, reliability, and responsibility that breed a giving culture.

What makes Plexus different?

With thousands of health products on the market today, it is important to know that you are choosing the best. Plexus products work because we are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients backed by the most relevant science available. We deliver premium products that help you take intentional steps toward your goals and fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. We offer everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

What type of products does Plexus offer?

Whether you want to manage your weight, improve your diet, glow with confidence, or simply form healthier habits, our products are designed to help you reach your goals. We put only the best into each and every formula so that you can achieve the results you are looking for. With selections in Gut Health, Weight Management, Nutrition, Active Lifestyle, Skincare, and Personal Care, your new healthy and happy routine can be as unique as you are.*

How does the Plexus Opportunity work?

Plexus is more than a way to earn income. As a Brand Ambassador, you are rewarded for helping others achieve Health and Happiness. That means you decide what your future holds. It’s about limitless potential. We simply provide everything you need so you can focus on building your business and achieving your goals.¤Start your journey as a VIP Customer, and experience our amazing products first-hand. Share your personal referral link. When others shop using your link, convert to a Brand Ambassador and start your own Plexus business!

How can I earn money with Plexus?

Our robust compensation plan provides eight different ways to earn. This plan not only provides earning potential but also supports the company’s culture of teamwork. Also, when you begin, you can earn extra cash and bonuses within your first 30 days through our Fast Start Program.¤

What do I receive as a Brand Ambassador?

As a Brand Ambassador, you will receive their own replicated Plexus website, with no inventory requirements. We process, fulfill, and ship every order directly from our warehouse to your Retail and VIP Customers and team members. You will also enjoy free business tools and resources within your "My Account" site.

You will then receive your Brand Ambassador Success Kit, which has everything you need to get a strong start.

A question we get asked often is: * Why do you up the dosage?

Consider this train analogy:

1 engine, 2 engines, 3 engines, or 4 engines – more engines mean more power.

As you set things in motion, more areas that need healing become evident, like peeling layers of an onion. Healing takes time.

To accelerate progress, gradually incorporate products like Probio5 or BioCleanse. These are exceptionally potent solutions for your health, but proper dosing is essential.

Plexus Success Stories

I was dealing with many age-related health concerns 8 years ago when I joined Plexus. My doctor wasn’t addressing the cause. However, my life completely changed after I began a health regimen that included TriPlex along with a balanced diet and exercise.

Michele Stuchell

I began my Plexus health journey in June 2020. I suffered from weight issues, joint discomfort, low energy, irregularity and other concerns. After starting the TRIPLEX combo my joint comfort, sleep and energy improved! I dropped from a size 10 to a size 8.

Cheryl Hunter

I have been using TriPlex for 5 years and love it. It has always been core to my entire family. For me, TriPlex has helped with weight management, energy levels, sugar cravings, hydration, overall well-being, and more!

Deirdre Goulard

<blockquote class=”h5 textCenter BeforeAfterBanner_quote__NfmTK” data-testid=”before-after-banner-quote”>I use Pivotal workouts and recipes to keep me on track and I watch the weekly videos for motivation and education. Pivotal has been a huge part of my success along with Reset!

Kelsey Gooden

Woman Shares Her Story of Healing Acne Through Gut Health

This is a great story about how poor gut health can manifest in different ways and how healing the gut can lead to significant health improvements. Vina’s story is a testament to the power of consistency and patience when it comes to healing the gut. It is also important to note that the type of probiotic that is taken can make a big difference in the results. Vina’s experience shows that a freeze-dried probiotic that is specifically designed to control yeast overgrowth can be very effective for clearing up acne.