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Hey There! I Am Marie Ippodimonte

I have devoted my entire life to the honorable profession of teaching high school. Driven by an undying love of learning and the infinite potential that exists in every person, I have made it my purpose to provide everyone, regardless of age, with the means and direction to raise their vibrational energy. I’m now intrigued to the world of crowdfunding because I know it can help me reach a wider audience and have a greater impact. I’m excited to investigate the possibility of creating a passive income stream in addition to continuing my journey of helping others, all while embracing the collaborative spirit of collaboration. Let’s set off on this path of development, education, and metamorphosis together.

What is CoopBusiness?

CoopBusiness stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in global business ownership and financial empowerment. Here’s an expanded look at what CoopBusiness entails.

Entrepreneurial Business

CoopBusiness provides a robust academy with expert-led courses, workshops, and tutorials covering foundational to advanced business principles, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs for success in today’s competitive landscape

Crypto Literacy and Blockchain

CoopBusiness offers concise crypto literacy programs, simplifying complex concepts for confident navigation of the digital economy. Participants gain deep understanding through engaging content, covering cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

Business Success Strategies

CoopBusiness provides proven strategies and tactics from industry experts, empowering members to craft compelling plans, master marketing, and optimize operations for success. Turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality with our guidance.

Affordable Access

CoopBusiness offers revolutionary affordability at just $1 a day, granting access to a comprehensive resource suite. This removes financial barriers, enabling individuals of all backgrounds to pursue entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Supportive Community

CoopBusiness cultivates a vibrant community where members connect, collaborate, and learn together. Through networking events, forums, and mentorship, individuals receive invaluable support, encouragement, and inspiration from peers and experts alike.

Continuous Growth

CoopBusiness is dedicated to continuous learning, ensuring members stay ahead with updated resources and insights. Our platform evolves with industry trends, providing the latest tools and strategies for ongoing success in the ever-changing business landscape.


Empowerment Through CoopBusiness

$1-a-Day Financial Freedom

CoopBusiness provides affordable access to financial liberation through resources like the Entrepreneurial Business Academy and crypto literacy.

Coop Income Revolution

Unlock Cooperative Income Generation with Coop NFTs and Coop Wallet, supported by a vibrant community for success.

Community-driven Success

Join CoopBusiness for networking, collaboration, and continuous learning, driving global growth and empowerment.

Why CoopBusiness is Beneficial

Affordable Access

CoopBusiness offers a pathway to financial empowerment at just $1 a day, making it accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

Comprehensive Resources

With access to the Entrepreneurial Business Academy and crypto literacy programs, CoopBusiness equips members with essential knowledge and skills for success.

Opportunities for Growth

CoopBusiness fosters a supportive community where members can network, collaborate, and learn together, driving continuous personal and professional growth.

Financial Liberation

By prioritizing financial education and providing resources for entrepreneurship, CoopBusiness empowers individuals to achieve financial independence and pursue their dreams.

Why CoopBusiness is Your Best Choice for Passive Income

Unlocking passive income streams has never been easier than with CoopBusiness. Our platform offers a diverse range of opportunities for individuals looking to generate income without the need for active involvement. Through our innovative POP Income system, members can enjoy predictable ongoing passive income, providing financial stability and freedom. With just $1 a day, CoopBusiness offers affordable access to these income opportunities, ensuring that financial constraints are not a barrier to entry. Whether it’s through Coop NFTs, Coop Wallet, or other avenues, our platform provides the tools and support needed to diversify income streams and maximize earnings. Join our thriving community today and embark on your journey towards passive income success with CoopBusiness.

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