Unlock the World’s BEST Discounts with One Simple Membership!

YES! Save up to $5,000 to $10,000+ Annually with Our Exclusive, Members-Only Discounts. You can save on…

Welcome from Lance Sumner and The Funnel Team

Welcome to Savings Highway Global (SHG), where a 16-year A+ rated industry leader invites you to experience a world of exclusive benefits. As a trusted name in the industry, SHG is committed to providing its members with unparalleled savings and income opportunities.

Don't Let Another Dollar Slip Through Your Fingers!

Every day you’re not a member of SHG, you’re literally throwing money out the window.

Whether it’s overpriced insurance, shopping, dining, or even taxes – you’re losing money!

Unlock the World's BEST Discounts with One Simple Membership!

YES! Save up to $5,000 to $10,000+ Annually with Our Exclusive, Members-Only Discounts. You can save on…

Why Join SHG Right Now?

Stop Overpaying on Everyday Expenses

Every day you’re not a member of SHG, you’re potentially losing money on overpriced insurance, shopping, dining, and even taxes. Join now to stop overpaying and start maximizing your savings.

Optionally Create Additional Income

SHG not only helps you save but also provides an opportunity to create additional income. Join the thousands of SHG members who are thrilled to boost their financial well-being.

Leave a Legacy for Your Family

By joining SHG, you’re not just making a smart financial move for yourself but also leaving a legacy for your family. Secure their financial future with the exclusive benefits of SHG membership.

Exclusive Discounts on Everyday Expenses

As an SHG member, enjoy access to exclusive discounts on a wide range of everyday expenses, including insurance, shopping, dining, and more. Stop overpaying and start saving immediately.

Freedom with Savings Highway Global

Step 1: Save Money

Unlock the power of savings with SHG. Our members save thousands annually on travel, dining, healthcare, shopping, and more. With over 1 million ways to save, you can take control of your finances and stop overpaying on everyday expenses.

Step 2: Make Money

Meet the dedicated team behind SHG, each with over 150 years of combined business experience. From Steve Gresham, the Founder and CEO, to Bill Constain, the Chief Financial Advisor, our team is committed to guiding you towards financial success. 

Step 3: Invest Wisely

Connect with our Chief Insurance Officer, Cornell Jones, and the rest of our team, all experts in their fields. Learn how to invest wisely for a tax-free retirement and secure your financial future.

Our Testimonial

With SHG, You Get Savings on everything you usually buy, and if you like to travel, you can get better prices than a travel agent! Plus, we get paid every Wednesday. We love SHG!”

Maricela R.

Thanks to this amazing system, we are able to earn big monthly residual income that is life-changing! Because of SHG, we've been able to buy a new house near the beach and a new car too. SHG has the best comp plan in the Industry!

Daniel K.

I love the savings benefits, and I'm using it as my own business so I can lower my taxes legally by thousands of dollars! It also makes me happy to help others out saving money and making money too! 🙂

Luz Elaina P

We're Growing FAST Worldwide!

Join our fast-growing family and tap into the best travel discounts, unbeatable savings and the most generous income opportunity in the world!


Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Once you join, log in to your members area to access your benefits. You will also be provided with our benefits training website that should answer most of the questions you may have regarding your benefits.

The World’s Best Travel Savings, Mentors Club, and SHG Opportunity.

Travel is over a $7 Trillion per year Industry. Millions of people are paying full price with online travel companies.

Now you can help them save on hotels and vacations worldwide and get your piece of this $7 Trillion per year business.

If you live outside the USA, you can refer people around the world, and also refer people in the USA as well, so you can grow a global network and business.

Yes, you can contact our support department and request a membership level change. Please allow 5 business days prior to a rebillng date for the change to take effect in time.

As a member, you have access to thousands of savings discounts, however not all benefits will work for each person.

For example, auto insurance savings apply to about 60% of people who try to save money with our system.

You should not expect every benefit to help you to save money, however you should be able to find many great discounts.

Refunds are offered on the first membership purchase only when an email is received to [email protected] from the member withing their first 7 days of purchase. Refunds are not offered for consecutive memberships starting in month two and ongoing.

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Embrace the power of saving money, reap the rewards of referring others, and unlock the door to your financial freedom. Start investing wisely and build a legacy that resonates with your values, ambitions, and dreams.

This isn’t just about making a smart choice; it’s about becoming a part of a mission that is changing lives. Join Savings Highway Global today and leave a legacy!