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What is Platinum Card

The Tranzact Card is a debit card that offers a unique rewards program. For every dollar you spend, you earn 1 ZBuck. ZBucks can be redeemed for goods, services, or travel in an exclusive marketplace. Unlike traditional banking reward programs, ZBucks have a dollar-for-dollar value, so you won’t have to use a lot of them to get what you want.


This V/debit card is changing the credit and banking industry in a big way! It lets regular people double their spending ability and start saving for the future.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll make money every time someone uses our  card anywhere in the country! The money that usually goes to banks will now go into your pocket, helping you build wealth for the future!

Supercharge Your Savings with Every Purchase

At PlatinumCard, we believe that every transaction should be a source of value for you. With our innovative system, aptly named “Earning as You Spend,” your everyday purchases become opportunities to boost your financial well-being.

Here’s how it works: Every time you reach for your PlatinumCard at any ®-accepted location, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re setting in motion a process that rewards you generously. We call these rewards “Z-Bucks.” It’s a refreshingly simple and transparent system designed to put more money back into your pocket with every transaction.

Every time you spend $1 using your Platinum-Card, earn a matching Z-Buck. Z-Bucks can be spent in Z-Club making everything – from everyday items to vacation packages – more affordable.



With everyday purchases, you are credited with matching Z-Bucks to redeem in Z-Club. For example, you just bought 70 dollars in gas, you earned 70 Z-Bucks! Not your typical old school banking rewards. It’s so much more!

These Z-Bucks empower you to stretch your budget and enjoy a world of affordability, whether you’re shopping for everyday essentials or indulging in luxurious services. With every PlatinumCard transaction, your savings potential grows, making your financial journey more rewarding than ever

Unlock the Z-Club Advantage

Z-Bucks: Your Ticket to Limitless Rewards

Join our Z-Club for exclusive benefits and opportunities. Experience a world of financial excellence like never before.

Shop, Travel, and More – Your Way

Z-Club marketplace: Turn Z-Bucks into real-world perks. Shop, travel, and access services with ease, making your money work smarter.

20+ Years of Banking Expertise at Your Service

This combined with my 20+ years of history in the banking industry makes me passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals, dreams and objectives as well as changing lives ONE SWIPE AT A TIME!

Perks Beyond Imagination

As a Z-Club member, you’re more than a customer; you’re part of an exclusive community. Enjoy VIP treatment, special promotions, and lifestyle-enhancing events. We’re dedicated to making your financial journey extraordinary.

What our Members are saying

John Mclendon

David Meade is a professional, caring person who has always demonstrated a willingness to help people. Dave is energetic and goes the extra mile to perform beyond his customers’ and colleagues’ expectations.

Barbara Williams

David is one of God's angels. David sees a need and has the instinct along with knowledge of how to implement. He has a gift in helping others and being in service for others. This will continue to carry him far in any endeavor. I am grateful that I have the privilege to be part of his team.

Charles Lee

I have know David for many years and worked with him on a number of projects and have always found him to be fair and honest and easy to work with.

Wayne Mead

Dave and I meant several years ago and became very good friends almost from day one.If you are searching for someone who is fair, honest and a team player. Dave will always be there to guide you each step of the way. In closing, I believe the most important reason for his persistence and leadership is Susan his wife and soul mate, always keeping his eye on every goal Dave is working towards without exception. Some people need the (e), it is not their fault they were born that way. lol

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PlatinumCard?

PlatinumCard is (a) the digital and plastic transaction card that carries the approved ® bank card brand and can be used anywhere in the world that is accepted, and (b) the public facing brand of the PlatinumCard Financial Ecosystem.

Is PlatinumCard bank card a prepaid card?

Your bank card comes with your PlatinumCard Account, a banking account like the checking accounts traditional banks offer. To use your bank card, you'll need to deposit funds into your account.

What is the PlatinumCard Financial Ecosystem?

It is a privately developed members-only ecosystem that includes state of the art financial technologies, an e-commerce platform, for the purpose of creating economic uplift for its member constituents in ways not available in any other product or system in the USA.

Who owns PlatinumCard?

PlatinumCard LLC, a subsidiary of TZT Holdings LLC, owns the "PlatinumCard" brand and Financial Ecosystem. Unlike typical for-profit enterprises, it operates with a structure similar to a foundation or not-for-profit, prioritizing benefits for PlatinumCard Members over shareholders.

Is the PlatinumCard safe?

Absolutely! PlatinumCard ensures data security with encryption for both in-transit and at-rest data. Our robust security measures safeguard against unauthorized access, emphasizing user privacy as a top priority within the PlatinumCard Ecosystem.

Are my funds FDIC insured?

Yes, the standard deposit insurance coverage limit is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category. Banking services are provided by Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.'s partner banks who are Member FDIC.

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